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We know most of the drag in a TT ride comes from the rider and not the bike. Using this knowledge, we worked to leverage optimal positioning while maintaining comfort to make the typical rider position more aerodynamic. Because of our optimizations, Eagle’s tri/TT configuration is faster than our competitors when used by a more casual rider. This machine was built with the typical triathlete in mind, not the elite top of the class rider, because the reality is that most of us are not able to maintain an aggressive position for tens of miles. We felt that a rider shouldn’t have to suffer such a penalty in their pursuit of comfort, which is why the T3 is built for the majority of the triathlete market—tested for the typical rider position and made to perform the best in all conditions.

The T3’s geometry is our key to success – if you are more comfortable on your TT bike you will perform better on your TT bike.

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