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Eagle Aero 2.0 Carbon Fiber Road Handlebars With Computer Mount

Eagle Aero 2.0 Carbon Fiber Road Handlebars With Computer Mount


– Lightweight carbon fiber construction
– Aerodynamic design
– Internal cable routing (Di2 compatible)
– 31.8mm clamp diameter
– Includes Eagle computer mount
– Lifetime warranty

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With the Eagle Aero 2.0 carbon handlebars, we took a fantastic product and made it even better. With improvements in ergonomics and aerodynamics, the Aero 2.0 is incredibly satisfying to ride, providing the perfect blend of comfort and performance. Now compatible with our out-front carbon computer mount, you can easily connect your cycling computer or light. Appropriate for every level of rider, the Aero 2.0 handlebars will make a noticeable improvement in your riding experience.

Ideal for:
– Road Cycling
– Recreational riding
– Endurance riding/touring
– Competitive cycling/racing

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Weight (42cm): 280g
Size (Width): 40, 42, 44cm
Clamp: 31.8mm
Reach: 90mm
Drop: 140mm
Bend: Ergonomic

Eagle Aero 2.0 Carbon Fiber Handlebar For Road Bikes

You can’t talk about the Eagle Aero 2.0 carbon fiber handlebars without first mentioning it’s aerodynamic design. The glossy black insignia gracing on the bar tops represents the inspiration behind its modern wind-cutting composition.

Aerodynamic Advantage

The wing-shaped contour of the Aero 2.0 was originally designed to improve the aerodynamics of the handlebar without jeopardizing stiffness and handling. The Eagle Aero 2.0 carbon fiber handlebars broad leading edge provides responsive performance, while the tapered airfoil shape reduces wind turbulence; everything you could ask for in a road handlebar. It wasn’t until initial testing that our riders mentioned improved comfort when riding on the bar tops from the ergonomic profile of the handlebar.
Continuing with the aerodynamic theme, a 90mm reach paired with 140mm drop, puts the rider in a streamlined position, reducing frontal area, and saving precious wattage. The ergonomic bend to the drops, paired with a 4° flare angle, enables the rider to move comfortably from the brake hoods to the drops while maintaining an aerodynamic posture.

The Eagle Aero 2.0 Handlebar Difference

Sticking with the tried and true, we kept a few of the features that made the Aero 1.0 our most popular product of 2017. Constructed with the same lightweight carbon fiber material, the Aero 2.0 weighs in at 280g. At first glance, this might seem a bit heavier than your standard carbon fiber handlebar. However, given the top-down surface area and the amount of carbon used to construct these handlebars, what you lose in weight, you gain in aerodynamics. These aero gains trump weight until riding on a slope exceeding 5%. At this point, the gravitational forces outweigh (no pun intended) the relative resistive forces caused by drag, also known as wind resistance.

Key Features of Aero 2.0 Carbon Handlebars

Of course, no bike handlebar is complete without shifters and handlebar tape. That’s why we carried over other key features riders praised from our previous generation handlebar. These include internal cable routing capabilities and a sandpaper finish in key locations to firmly secure the shifters and stem clamp. Don’t worry about your handlebars slipping when riding on rough and bumpy terrain. Wrap them up with your favorite handlebar tape and you’re ready to ride.
Wondering where to mount your data tracking device or headlight? The Eagle computer extension mount (sold separately) is easily integrated into the Eagle Aero 2.0 carbon fiber handlebars with two screws. Compatible with most cycling computer devices, this mount keeps your data where you can see it without creating additional drag.

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