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My name is Katie Tommila and I live in Albuquerque, NM. I got into triathlons my first week in college as a freshman. I overheard some girls talking about “triathlon practice” and while I wasn’t 100% sure what a triathlon was, the words “cute boys” were thrown in somewhere and I was IN. I threw up at my first track practice, fell at a stoplight my first group ride, and put my borrowed wetsuit on inside out at my first open water swim. It was a rough start but to be honest it went better than any of my organized sports practices ever did, so I kept showing up. My first triathlon was Lobsterman Olympic in September 2009. I wasn’t aware there was anything shorter than an Olympic distance until a significant time later, but it went pretty well- anxiety and panic aside. From there I competed with the Boston University triathlon team all through college, and even met my husband, Chris, when he joined the team. We’ve been training and racing together all across the country ever since.  The half Ironman and Ironman distances are my favorite, and I always pick races that I can turn into vacations for the whole family. On my off days I volunteer at a horse rescue, hike with my dogs, and spend a significant amount of time googling “how to beat husband in triathlon race”. We move around every 1-3 years for the military, and I love triathlon because it’s not just an event, it’s a lifestyle and community. No matter where we move, or how often, triathlon always feels like home.
jon hyde


Jon faced a potentially life-ending and certainly life-changing event in October of 2016 when he experienced a Widowmaker heart attack. He survived the infamous Widowmaker with zero residual heart damage thanks to his life-long addiction to cycling. Fully recovered and anxious to share his story to help others avoid suffering from CAD (Coronary Artery Disease), Jon has founded Summit4CAD – Cyclists Against Coronary Artery Disease, to raise prevention awareness and spread helpful lifestyle tips centered on his love of cycling. When he is not cycling (he rides 7 days a week for a total of over 250 miles on average), he can be found on sound stages or on location in the greater Los Angeles area working as a commercial director of photography. Or you might see him behind a camera at any number of events shooting photos as a Nikon Professional Photographer.


I started racing bikes back in High School, I had to take the release forms to my dad at work for a signature before every race because I wasn’t old enough to sign myself. For graduation, I begged my dad to get me a bike when everyone else was asking for trips or something else. I got the bike, it was awesome! I raced for local teams for about 15 years working my way up to a Cat 3 until I blew my knee out playing soccer, completely tearing my ACL. During my rehab, a friend challenged me to join him for Ironman St.George 70.3 the next year… I was hooked. 7 Half IM’s and 2 full IM’s later I still love every part of it.  I have 5 kids, ranging in age from 18 to 6. I currently have 2 kids in competitive soccer that take them all over the country which requires a bit of juggling for myself and my wife. I do a lot of my training by riding or running to local soccer games or by getting up early and staying up late to put in the miles and time required. Some of the kids ride their bikes next to me while I run which has been a lot of fun and we have even competed in local 5k’s together from time to time. I have an amazing wife that supports me and motivates me through the good and bad times. I could never do any of this without her constant drive and push, she is definitely the best support crew anyone could have.
Maria Kilgore


Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Maria has lived all over this beautiful state throughout her lifetime. She received her undergraduate degree in biology from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and currently resides in the Phoenix-metro area. Besides a passion for triathlons and sports, she has a passion for animals and conservation. This love of nature pushes Maria to swim, bike, and run in as many places as she can while she travels to various cities and states when time allows.   Maria started triathlons when a local half marathon was canceled and she needed something else active to fill her time and motivate her workouts, but the root of her purpose stems from living a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle to honor those that inspire her to challenge herself and be the best version of herself. Family and friends are key in Maria’s journey to live a fun-filled and active life, continuously pursuing adventure while helping and inspiring those around her. She wouldn’t have such passion and drive for triathlons if it wasn’t for her motivating coach and teammates of the Landis Tri Club. Her favorite thing to do on rest day though is to sleep in and drink coffee on the patio with her dog Pepper and bunny Maverick.


I grew up in the Bay Area and am now living in Brooklyn, New York with my lovely wife and a very fat cat. I started riding bikes about ten years ago. This was mostly due to getting into a few car accidents which made me look for an alternate means of transportation. My dad offered his old bicycle that was stored in the garage. Soon after that I was hooked and got into riding fixed gear bikes where I first got interested in racing. I am now a Cat 3 Road racer for a local New York City cycling team, E2value.  When I am not racing, I enjoy exploring new places by bike and riding as far as possible. I am also a Registered Nurse working on a surgical unit and have my Masters degree focusing on Community and Public Health in which I hope to use in developing public programs to help the underserved and underrepresented in the future.  My love for bicycles has allowed me to travel to places I would have never thought of going before and meet some of my closest friends.  It has also given me opportunities such as being a brand ambassador for Pactimo, Nuun and now for Eagle Bicycles.


Hi I’m Lisa!  I’m from Normal, IL and here’s some fun facts about me! Want to know the way to my heart? Candy and cool bikes, or better yet a bike made out of candy!! I have an undergrad degree in exercise science from DePauw University in Indiana and a Masters degree in Biomechanics from Illinois State University. I teach college kids to run faster, jump higher and throw things farther. My favorite food is watermelon! There’s nothing better than devouring a bowl of that sweet, juicy fruit after 4 hours in the saddle! How did I start triathlons/cycling?  I ran cross country and track in college so after I graduated, I continued to run. However  the more I ran, the more I was hurt. Naturally I found triathlon and signed up for my first race, Steelhead 70.3, in 2014! That was quite the experience and I managed to still pull out an age group win! After that I was hooked! I race because I love to compete. I love to see where I stack up with my competition and I love to see how my training has paid off. Oh and I really like see how fast I can make my bike go! My favorite place to ride my bike is on the roads in the Santa Monica Mountains! Besides triathlons my hobbies are snowboarding, camping, wake boarding, taking naps, reading books about Navy Seals, playing with my roommates’ dog- Parker
Favorite TV show currently is The Bachelorette (ya I’m one of those…)


Scott began his triathlon racing long before he knew what one was. Growing up in South Florida, Scott was a competitive swimmer and water polo player. After graduating from Florida State University, Scott began running and competed in all sorts of distance racing, including a marathon. Once running became monotonous, he decided to change things up and begin competing in triathlons. On July 4th, 2015, Scott competed in his first race and was hooked. The next year proved to be a busy year with 11 races and his first 70.3 in Raleigh. Scott works to maintain balance between work, being a single father, and training. Scott works as a Property & Casualty Insurance Advisor to many High Net Worth individuals and families across the country. Aside from training, he enjoys many outdoor activities like paddle boarding, golf, snorkeling and jet surfing.


Grace Solares is a working mom of two young children from Arlington, VA. Grace dove headlong into the world of triathlon five years ago at the encouragement of a running partner and good friend. She was looking for a little variety to shake up her running habit and a reason to get back in the pool after many years away. What she found in triathlon was not only a physical and mental challenge of training and competing, but also tremendous opportunity to cultivate patience, resilience, and the will to conquer her fears. She enjoys connecting with other women who are doing the hard work of blending family, career, and athletics and is excited to share her experience with the larger triathlon community as an Eagle Bicycles Ambassador.


My name is Lindsay Narbeth. I’m a senior at the University of Florida, studying Telecommunications (production track) with a minor in French. I was born in New York City, then spent the following fifteen years in Maidstone, England. In 2012, my family and I moved to New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where I attended two years of high school before moving on to UF. I have been raised in a very active family; my mother competed for Great Britain in triathlon, which meant as a youngster our family vacations were centered around the various international races in which she participated. At age 10, my father encouraged me to cycle the first 100 miles of the Tour de France to raise money for charity (over a couple of days, of course). In high school I was on the track and swim teams, and in my first week of college I joined the TriGators, UF’s triathlon club, following my mother’s footsteps. Since moving to Florida my whole family has taken up triathlon, and each year we compete in the Tomoka Triathlon in Ormond Beach. Being a member of the TriGators as well as having such a sporty and supportive family is why I continue to love triathlons. Seeing the way my speed has increased and time has decreased across all three sports encourages me to keep training and push myself harder. I am by no means the fastest or the strongest. I do not plan on going pro. However, I do plan on continuing to love and enjoy being part of the triathlon community.


I am from Longwood, Florida, but currently live in Gainesville, where I attend the University of Florida and race as part of the UF TriGators Club. This club is one of my favorite things about UF, and my girlfriend, Lindsay (another Eagle Ambassador) is on the team with me. Fun Fact: we met at a triathlon we were both doing! My triathlon experience began in 7th grade when a group of friends told me they were doing a triathlon as a relay group and I decided I wanted to do the whole thing myself. Today, many years later, I continue to race because I like the challenge of pushing myself to the limits and improving. My favorite part of triathlon is the run. I was primarily a runner for 7 years, and I still enjoy road and track races to test myself. My favorite thing to do on a rest day is to eat ice cream and watch movies! My best race so far was the 2017 USAT Collegiate Nationals in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I came back from a rough Ironman 70.3 (where I spent 90 minutes in the medical tent after the race) two weeks prior to the fastest race of my career, setting personal records in the swim and bike and running only 30 seconds slower than my 10k PR.
Lauren Willis


I am a wife, mother of two, a registered nurse in labor and delivery, and a born and raised Louisiana girl. I have always been athletic and competitive since I was a kid. I participated in almost every sport you could imagine literally (roller hockey, softball, jujitsu, swimming etc). Although softball and swimming are the sports that stuck throughout the years; I still loved trying new things and pushing myself to the limit. When I graduated college and had babies I had trouble finding something I could enjoy and that tested me mentally and physically. I started running for the camaraderie and the desire to better myself. Not long after I started running I saw an add for a local sprint triathlon. I decided to start training for it. The day came and I completed the triathlon on my mountain bike and Walmart helmet and the rest is history. I was hooked! Fast forward one year and I did my first 70.3 and a year after that became an Ironman. I have been doing triathlons for almost 4 years now and have loved every minute of it. The sport tests me, pushes me, gives me drive, sets an example for my kids, takes me to places I wouldn’t of gone before, and allows me to meet life long friends. I have a big list of goals for myself and I’m very excited to see what the future holds! Although I’m a swimmer by trade, cycling is my favorite of the three disciplines (don’t tell my swim coach).


My name is Kendall Soule, I’m from Asheville, North Carolina but I am currently a junior in the Heavener School of Business at the University of Florida. I currently am racing with the University of Florida Trigators where I was 2nd overall in the Florida Conference. My favorite race was the NYC Triathlon. It was so cool to be racing there, and the atmosphere of the course was great! I love racing because I love competing. I might not always win but I always give it my best go and have fun while doing so. On my days off I enjoy going to the beach, hiking mountains, or just relaxing and watching Netflix.


My name is Gerard Hubbard. I have been involved in Triathlon for over 10 years in numerous capacities (athlete, coach, media, governing bodies etc.) I am originally from South Florida, but moved out to Colorado to pursue my love for the sport. After an injury sidelined me for two years, I made a strong come back to the sport in 2015. I am currently a 5 time IM 70.3 World Championship qualifier, 5 time All American, 3 time AWA Gold athlete.
When I am not racing/training I am usually adventuring though the beautiful state of Colorado or working on personal projects DirtTRI Magazine and LEOMO Cycling Computer